The purpose of conducting polygraph tests is to find out whether the examined person is lying or to confirm that he or she is truthful. Lie detector tests with the use of a polygraph can be used in court cases and are admitted as evidence confirmed by an expert opinion.

Polygraph test consists in a thorough assessment of the truthfulness of the examined person. The device – colloquially “lie detector”, or polygraph – records the body’s reactions to the questions asked by the specialist. The responses are subconscious and beyond the subject’s control (e.g. fluctuating heart rate, blood pressure, breathing depth, or skin sweating). On the basis of such studies, it can be determined whether the person subjected to the test is lying.

In polygraph tests, we cooperate with a certified laboratory with advanced equipment, tools for recording and analyzing data by a team of qualified specialists. On the basis of the test, an expert opinion is issued, which may constitute evidence in court.

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