Data Intel


Data Intel

Data intel is a service the essence of which is usually to obtain confirmed data of an indicated person or entity. Pending legal proceedings, avoiding financial or official obligations, searching for lost relatives and other circumstances may be the purpose of obtaining such information.

In the course of the operation, our detectives determine personal data, address data, employment data, financial data and other necessary data. As part of the service, we can obtain a lot of information about the person of interest:

  • Name, Surname, Date of Birth, ID Number and other personal intel.

  • Addresses: registration, residence, temporary stay or actual whereabouts.

  • Employment: the current and past employment on the basis of various types of contracts, business activity conducted in the current and past time, shares in companies and other intel.

  • Dependencies and relationships: in inheritance proceedings, in situations where it is important to find information about relatives or in the event of a missing person search.

The scope of the arrangements is always tailored to individual needs, the purpose of the proceedings and the client’s expectations. The result of the activities is a report containing the expected data of the designated person.

If you’re looking for comprehensive assistance in this area, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible. We will be happy to answer all your questions and explain our methods of operation.

We will guarantee you full discretion and, as the most experienced detectives in Poland, we will undertake even the most difficult tasks to help you.