People Search


People Search

The search for people takes many different forms. There are situations in which the wanted person hides intentionally, and his actions are focused on blurring his traces and avoiding being found. In many cases, the search for missing persons comes down to finding traces of people who, for various reasons, cannot return to their relatives. There are also complicated family situations and criminal events in which a child is kidnapped – when it is necessary to find the kidnapped child immediately. We also carry out operational activities involving the search for relatives, heirs and people with whom contact has been lost for various reasons.

At the beginning, our detectives thoroughly investigate the case, trying to find out what the circumstances of the disappearance were, and what are the suspicions and indications in the field of the search initiation. They analyze all information in detail and launch a large-scale investigation to find a missing person, often using advanced resources such as local law enforcement support, field teams support, tracking dogs, search drones, computer forensics and more.

Searching for people takes place in many different situations:

  • Search for missing persons.
  • Searching for people who are hiding on purpose.
  • Searching for people who are unable to return home on their own (in the event of kidnapping, memory loss, etc.).
  • Search for kidnapped children (parental/criminal kidnappings).
  • Searching for relatives (lost contact, lack of knowledge about where you are).
  • Searching for heirs – in pending inheritance proceedings.

Our detectives collect a very detailed interview from and among people who have had any contact with the missing person, checking connections, details and possible reasons for the disappearance. Then they carefully examine the evidence and look for existing clues that may help find the missing person. The combination of modern technologies, advanced methods at our disposal and many years of experience allow us to successfully complete the conducted search cases. We operate throughout Poland and abroad if the circumstances indicate that a missing person may be there.

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