Background Checks


Background Checks

Comprehensive knowledge about the indicated person may be important on many levels. These can range from career issues, through the desire to establish relationships (business and private), to planning an investment in a project with unknown people. A low level of trust or a suspicion that someone is using false data or information are also situations in which full knowledge about someone’s past is essential.

Our detective agency examines the client’s needs and performs a background check to determine:

  • The course of education, obtained diplomas and certificates.
  • Employment history along with the type of contracts concluded and functions performed.
  • Property, real estate and movable goods owned currently and in the past.
  • Financial past – debts, liabilities, ongoing enforcement proceedings.
  • Legal past (civil, criminal and other judgments).

The scope of the background check is adjusted each time to the needs and goals of the client. Our investigation is concluded with a detailed, comprehensive report that lists all information obtained about the subject.

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