DNA Examination



Genetic research is a powerful tool that translates into key evidence whose credibility is unquestionable. Modern research methods allow for the verification of basically all types of biological materials, and the results of DNA tests allow for the detection of the perpetrator, proving his innocence or linking him/her with the case. DNA tests can be the key evidence in criminal or divorce cases, as well as in situations where it is necessary to confirm paternity, identify a corpse or confirm kinship in search of missing cases. Proving genetic match (or mismatch) removes all doubts and ensures the possibility of obtaining a satisfactory court judgment.

We provide comprehensive support related to the performance of such tests. We not only help with sample securing, transport and laboratory analysis, but also with their covert acquisition. In many cases, the parent doesn’t want to allow the kinship to be checked in order to avoid waiving the obligation to pay child support (if the paternity is anticipated to be unconfirmed and excluded). Such a situation requires effective actions aimed at enabling the DNA test to be performed.

Evidence can vary in strength and legal force. There are those that, despite everything, leave some room for interpretation and can be questioned, and those that prove something beyond any doubt. DNA tests belong to the latter group and for that reason, they are used successfully all over the world in many cases.

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