Wiretaps/GPS Detection


GPS Detection

Our detective agency offers comprehensive detection and neutralization of spyware, wiretaps, cameras and GPS trackers that can be installed in rooms (office or private), vehicles, mobile phones or computers. Our team includes specialists in the field of radio-communication and tele-communications, as well as technicians, electronics and experienced detectives. The activities of our experts are supported by hi-tech equipment. Many years of experience and the combination of knowledge and advanced technology make us reliable and effective. Whatever transmits an unidentified signal in the space we’re scanning will be detected, analyzed and/or neutralized. Our wiretaps and GPS trackers detection services are always comprehensive and discreet.

After completing our activities, we present a detailed report that includes the results of scanning and analyzes, as well as precise instructions on how to increase the protection of the scanned space in the future, preventing illegal leakage of confidential information.

Our team consists only of experienced specialists who are perfectly familiar with the mechanisms of operation and construction of devices intended for surveillance. Some of the staff personally dealt with their design, construction and installation, so we’re perfectly aware of where they are placed and how to use them to record confidential conversations and/or collect specific data (e.g. the route and places where your vehicle was located). In order to avoid the risk of stealing valuable information and gaining access to hidden secrets, we encourage you to entrust us with wiretaps and/or GPS detection services, especially before important meetings.

If you’re looking for comprehensive assistance in this area, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible. We will be happy to answer all your questions and explain our methods of operation.

We will guarantee you full discretion and, as the most experienced detectives in Poland, we will undertake even the most difficult tasks to help you.